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Marina Lua Ferrer Miralles
Let's create the seasons
Art 3r de primària
The little fir tree
Christmas Postcard
Xavier Picó
Let's build a ROBOT!
Technology, 3er ESO
Tasks sheet
DANBO the robot
Sonia Rosello Ventura
Lucía de Bustamante
Around the World
1r i 2n E.P.
A 1 Three little pigs
A2 Buildings materials
A3 Housing
A4 Where people live

Marimar Fernández
Let's know animals
Science 2nd Primary
animals display banner
animals cards
writing border
David Ramón Palerm
Our Company
Cicles Formatius/Batxillerat
Activities sheet
Susana Peredo
Healthy eating
Science 3rd grade
fruit salad song
match the words food vocabulary
Likes and dislikes- Food
Let's make our food pyramid
Food pyramid model
Alberto Sánchez Pedroche
Discovering Our Emotions
Science and Art
Elementary School (1st Grade)
Bingo of Emotions
Identifying Emotions (Vídeo)
Examples of Emotions (Using) PEC)
More examples
Educational Chronicles (Blogger)
María Torró Abad
Mª Carmen Jerez Tornal
Do you know energy costs?


Science and Economy
2nd Secondary
  1. Energy SONG
  2. energy_song.pdf;
  3. working cards.pdf
  4. comprehensible electric bill
  5. Energy action plan
  6. handling activities
Silvana Insa Olcina
Let's scan our body
2nd grade

Toni Canals
Let's go for a cocktail
PQPI Restauració - FP
1.- Template Cocktails and mixed drinks
2.- The most important IBA Cocktails
3.- Video 3'55'' - Margarita cocktail
4.- Video 2'42'' - Cocktail's tools
Eva Sempere i Núria Santos
2nd grade EP

Beatriz Veny Villanueva
Design your dreams' room
Art 4th grade
Primary Education
1. Van Gogh's PPT (adapted to pupils' language)
2. Starry Night self-evaluation
3. Design your dreams' room
Ana Hernández Rubio
Mónica Gosalbes Pérez
Buscastell´s journey through art.
Art 4th, 5th and 6th grade
Primary Education in Rural School
pictures project art
Julia Ribas
Julio Bauzá

Federico Castro , Vicent Roselló i Maria Vidal

PQPI (Auxiliar Oficina)