Projectes del Curs Enfocament AICLEInfantil i primària Curs 14-15

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Begoña Jiménez
Physical Education 2nd cicle Primary Education
Alexandra i Pere Canyelles
From the paper to our screen
Arts and Crafts 6th Primary
History of Animation
Create a thaumatrope
How to create a Phenakistoscope
Phenakistoscope template
Wikipedia: History of Animation
Maria Antònia Perelló i Catalina Riutort
The three little pigs
Educació Infantil (segon cicle)
Video tale and theme song:
Some units examples:
Visual activities examples and templates:
Isabel Cárdenas, Marta López i Lina Juan
Pop-Rock music in practice!
Primary Education (5th/6th) ( Beatles' activity) ( McFly: Love is Easy) ( rollings stones' slideshare)
( teacher's self assessment)
( Cesire-Cirel - Musical Activities)
M.Jose i Jeniffer
Experments playing areas
Pre-primary education (4 years)
Carmen Sabater
Animals and its habitats
4th Primary