ART GALLERY: I'm an artist


We were working the Project "ART GALLERY" with our students of 2nd grade. We studied the different artists with their different styles and finally our students were the artists and made their owns artworks with their personal styles and expressing their feelings.


- We started talking about what an Art Gallery is, looking all the pictures and talking about them and the artists.
The students expressed their ideas and made their hypothesizes.

- We studied different artists ( Mondrian, Kandisky, Miró and Munch) and of each of them two of their works of art.
In groups they have to complete a worksheet of each picture writing the title, the name of the artist, and the kind of shapes, colours and lines that were at it. Then they explained to the rest of the groups their worksheet and we helped them doing that with an scaffolding sheet.

- After that we talked about the types of artwork that the artists did and the kinds of shapes, lines and colours that they use in their pictures. We also talked about the feelings that they wanted to express and the relation between feeling and colours (relaxing,calm and sad feelings are related to cold colours and happy and excited emotions are related to hot colours). We worked each artist in different lessons. In each lesson, first of all, we saw a video about the artwork of the artist and we remembered their works of art and what kind of shapes, colours and lines he used to do that artworks. Then the students did their artworks in the style of the artist. We did that using different techniques for each artwork. We used colour felt-tips for Mondrian's style, coloured chalk with water for Kandinsky's style, paint for Miró's style and coloured crayons with varnish and photographs (collage) for Munch's style.

- The final activity was "I'm an artist". In that lesson we remembered all that we have learned and they were the artists. We talked about colours, shapes, lines, feelings (cold/hot colours) and the different types of materials that they used to do their artworks. Then they did their productions using the colours, shapes, lines that they wanted and expressing their feelings using the materials that they chose. Finally, they explained their "works or art" to the rest of the partners, telling wich was the title, what they did and what they wanted to express and what kind of colours, shapes, lines they used to do that and what kind of techniques they used. We helped them using the scaffolding sheet.

- Now we are doing an exposition at our school with all the artworks of our students and it seems a real Art Gallery because all of them are real artists!!!

Eva Sempere & Nuria Santos